The Dartmouth Dementia Directive: Experience with a Community-Based Workshop Pilot of a Novel Dementia-Specific Advance Directive


Megan E. Bunnell, Sarah M. Baranes, Colin H. McLeish, Charlotte E. Berry, and Robert B. Santulli  



Dementia is a growing issue at the end of life that presents unique challenges for advance care planning. Advance directives are a useful and important component of end-of-life planning, but standard advance directives have less utility in cases of loss of capacity due to dementia. An advance directive designed to specifically address end-of-life issues in the setting of dementia can provide patients with increased autonomy and caregivers with improved information about the desires of the individual in question. The Dartmouth Dementia Directive is a dementia-specific advance directive, available online, that seeks to address common concerns of individuals who are planning for dementia-related end-of-life care. This directive was piloted in a community-based workshop, which provided important details and perspective on the best use of dementia-specific advance directives in the greater population.




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