The Top 10 Questions Facing the Field of Clinical Ethics in 2020: Reflections on the Evolving Clinical Ethics UnConference

Janet Malek and Claire Horner




Evolving Clinical Ethics: A Working UnConference, held 5 through 7 February 2020 in Houston, Texas, brought together 91 participants from a variety of institutions, many of whom are engaged in clinical ethics work. The event followed the success of the first Clinical Ethics UnConference hosted by the Cleveland Clinic Center for Bioethics in 2018, and offered an opportunity for ethicists to share both their challenges and their solutions to clinical ethics issues. In this article we explore the emerging themes of the second UnConference and identify the top 10 questions currently faced by the field. We address both unresolved issues and areas of agreement and highlight new collaborations that have been developed to work toward greater standardization in our field.




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