The Journal of Clinical Ethics


Elizabeth Bogdan-Lovis and Raymond G. de Vries, “Ethics and the Architecture of Choice for Home and Hospital Birth,” The Journal of Clinical Ethics 24, no. 3 (Fall 2013): 192-7.



       In this issue of The Journal of Clinical Ethics, we offer a variety of perspectives on the moral and medical responsibilities of professionals with regard to a woman’s choice of where she will birth her baby. The articles in this special issue focus on place of birth, but they have larger resonance for clinicians whose decisions about providing the best possible care require them to sort through evidence, consider their own possible biases and the limitations of their training, and balance the wishes of their patients with the demands of colleagues, hospitals, and insurers. The articles published in this special issue of The Journal of Clinical Ethics will help those who wrestle with such dilemmas in everyday clinical decision making.



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