The Journal of Clinical Ethics




Larry R. Churchill, Nancy M.P. King, and Gail E. Henderson, “Why We Should Continue to Worry about the Therapeutic Misconception,” The Journal of Clinical Ethics 24, no. 4 (Winter 2013): 381-6.



       In a recent article in The Journal of Clinical Ethics, David Wendler argues that worries about the therapeutic misconception (TM) are not only misconceived, but detract from the larger agenda of a proper informed consent for subjects involved in clinical research. By contrast, we argue that Wendler mischaracterizes those who support TM research, and that his arguments are fragmentary, often illogical, and neglect a critical difference between clinical care and clinical research. A clear explanation about the chief aim of research is, in fact, what gives the other elements in a consent process their meaning. We argue that informed consent must be both trial-specific and context-sensitive, and that concern about the TM is needed now more than ever.



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